How to Start a Duck Decoy Collection


Ever surprise how to begin a duck decoy assortment however do not know the place to start? Look no additional, this text will clarify the rules behind the interest of gathering duck decoys, and to begin your assortment at the moment!

The History behind Duck Decoys:

Native Americans used cattails, reeds, and different water crops to masks floating decoys to lure geese in for the kill. Ducks have been an necessary recreation fowl for the primary Americans. Indians arrange their residence camps round lakes, ponds, and rivers so they’ll have a duck searching space close by.

A duck decoy was a vital help in attracting birds in shut sufficient vary for bow searching, to spear, or internet. Archaeologists have discovered dozens of historic duck decoys in caves that date again 1000’s of years.

Where to Purchase Duck Decoys:

Online web sites provide a good spot to begin a duck decoy assortment. They provide leisurely procuring with a wide range and simple transport choices.

Auction web sites are one other good concept of the place to purchase duck decoys. You will discover classic duck decoys which are thought-about vintage people artwork. Hand crafted wood duck decoys would add worth to your assortment.

Be on the Lookout for:

Check native recreation legal guidelines earlier than utilizing duck decoys to make sure they’re authorized in your state. A key to a profitable duck decoy assortment is to choose decoys that depict the dwell geese within the space that you’re searching. Ducks have eager eyesight, making it necessary your decoys be life like. Male geese often have extra colourful feathers than the females.

Low water situations and altering climate patterns have been blamed for dismal duck searching seasons. Die-hard hunters who would by no means stoop to digital decoys previously are attempting tech toys. These battery operated duck decoys create actual motion, inviting the duck on in to your sight. You management the duck decoy with a distant management.

Some decoys have been outlawed as unsportsmanlike so be warned earlier than you are taking yours on the water. With their sensible wings flapping, your duck decoy could also be in peril of being shot at!

Legal in most states is the Wing Magic Decoy. You plant the wing magic mannequin on a pole the place you need to draw the wild geese. A string is connected to the wings, that when pulled creates a flapping and splashing movement. Ducks fall for this proper and left.

When the taking pictures begins, geese get cautious of flying close to land. The Wing Magic Decoy offers them a false sense of safety seeing different geese, and BAM!

Best of luck on the beginning of your duck decoy assortment. The final phrases of John James Audubon have been, “You go down the side of Long Pond, Billy. I’ll go this side and we’ll get the ducks!”


Source by Joshua McNiel

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